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In the spring of 2004, our family, including Jay and Deb and daughters, Taylor and Rachel, began making pure maple syrup as a springtime experiment. We began with a few buckets hanging from our beautiful, silver maples. Now, with over five hundred tapped trees, the tradition continues.​

Every spring, the sugarbush awakens and the crystal clear sap is collected. From the sugarhouse, a plume of steam emerges from the cupola, and another sugaring season begins on our hilltop in the small village of Nelsonville, Wisconsin. We hope you enjoy our authentic, pure maple syrup as much as we have enjoyed making it for you.

Our sugar house was built in the fall of 2011 and contains within it, a boiling room, with a stainless steel evaporator. Because of growing demands an addition to the building was made in the summer of 2016. This addition, creates a large clean room. This room is where all of the filtering, bottling and packaging takes place.






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